Sureair Powerblast 'Laundry Day' Aerosol

Sureair Powerblast 'Laundry Day' Aerosol

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Sureair brand Powerblast 'Laundry Day' Air Freshener Odour Spray


This is a brand new product launched in January 2016. This is not a standard

 aerosol air freshener  - it‘s an innovative ‘Blast‘ spray, which really is an impressive product.

The action of the aerosol, is as the name implies a ‘blast‘ - Customers have compared it to the action (and sound) of a fire extinguisher.

When the trigger is depressed it sends a blast of the fragrance throughout

 your room – which makes it suitable for a host of applications that your standard air freshener wouldn’t be.

Other than domestic air freshening applications, the product is suitable for pet odour problems, changing rooms, gyms, commercial applications: hotels, bars and restaurants, nurseries, crèches, fast food outlets, nursing homes etc.

And the smelliest of all areas – a teenagers bedroom!

This is ‘Laundry Day‘ fragrance – which replicates the aroma of fresh linen/laundry.

One ‘blast ‘ will fill a large room with the fragrance – and will last 24 hours.

The smaller the room, the longer the aroma will last – if used in an enclosed bathroom for example, the fragrance will be there 48 hours later.

Because of the effectiveness of the fragrance it is recommended that the room is left unoccupied for a short period after application to allow the fragrance to disperse, settle and mature.

Spray one burst around the room, pointing the nozzle upwards and away from the body.

It can be sprayed on fabrics, but its always best to use an inconspicuous area first to ensure colour fastness.

Sureair Laundry Day is British made product – and the company is based in West Yorkshire supplying a full range of innovative odour neutralising products.

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