Twistpot Easy Flush Pot and Saucer

Twistpot Easy Flush Pot and Saucer

Brand: Maxipot
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The  Twistpot is one of those fabulously simple ideas that make you wonder why no-one has thought of it before! It doesn’t require the gardener to change anything they normally do – but it will improve the results of their labours.




The Maxipot is simple and intuitive to use:

1. After unpacking, place the pot in the saucer, you may need to rotate the pot to get it to sit on the bottom of the saucer as in figure 1 above.

Fill the pot with your favourite soil and pot your plant in exactly the same way as you have always done.

2. Now lift and twist the pot clockwise roughly a third of a turn, you will feel the pot locate in the raised position.

3. Water or feed the plants in your usual manner. Any excess water will run off into the saucer and allow your plants to drain thoroughly.


Free Drainage - normal pots “sit” flat to the saucer - hence why the pots have drainage holes in the sides as well as in the bottom. This is not ideal by any means and it’s why garden centres sell pot stands. Usually these are ceramic blocks to lift the pot away from the saucer, these can be fiddly and the plant may not be very stable.

- the Maxipot allows free drainage and is stable and secure.

Aeration - To enable good drainage ,and promote healthy root growth, good aeration is required. The gardener generally lines the bottom of the pot with clay pebbles or perlite, allowing water (or nutrients, if used in hydroponics) to flow through the soil and drain more easily.

- the Maxipot has good aeration designed in. There is no need for perlite or clay pebbles.

Air Pruning - the Maxipot promotes natural air pruning, as the pot is lifted away from the saucer it allows good air circulation underneath the pot.

- the Maxipot has air pruning designed in.

Plant Health - having a plant's roots sitting in water is not healthy at all. It can lead to root rot and a host of other problems.

- Maxipot’s lift and twist feature keeps your plant’s healthy.

Cold Weather - when the frosty weather arrives keep the Maxipot elevated. This will help to prevent frost damage to your roots.

Maxipot Price - Maxipot's unique selling point is it's price. Maxipot will be retailing at a price similar to that of a regular pot and saucer. Why buy a regular pot and saucer when you could have a Maxipot for the same price? You will get all the advantages listed above for the same outlay. If you prefer a traditional pot and saucer the Maxipot will work for you in exactly the same way, then with a simple lift and twist you will get the extra benefits of Maxipot.

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