About Us

Trade Hydro began life in June 2005 as an independent retailer. Working out of some units in an old mill, things were going well until July 2009 when the mill burnt down taking everything we had with it. We moved to our present premises and got stuck in.

It soon became apparent that while there were some very good suppliers in the industry, some of the others were, to put it mildly, flaky. We suffered late/wrong deliveries, suppliers not keeping to their supposed opening hours, misinformation on the products, falsified CE certificates – we’d had enough!

We very quickly realised that if we were to provide our retail Customers with the product they wanted, we would have to source some of the products ourselves, so began our brand name Plug and Grow and you will still find many of the original products on sale today. We have listened to our customers and tried to sell the products they wanted.

In an industry where many things have no greater foundation than hearsay we adopt a no nonsense attitude to our products, they must do what they say on the tin. We also take pride in our independence, we have no alliances with manufacturers and are therefore free to choose the products we think are right.

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